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Telephone Doctor customer service training
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

Customer Service Training Videos

America’s Favorite Customer Service DVD Training Series

All New & Updated! The Telephone Doctor® 12-DVD Training Library is our flagship DVD-based customer service training solution.  The techniques in this iconic customer service training series have been validated by tens of thousands of organizations & call centers worldwide.

Recently reshot and completely updated, this best-selling series is hosted by Customer Service Expert Nancy Friedman. Trusted by over 30,000 HR leaders & trainers, these skill-driven video training courses will add instant credibility and proven content to your next customer service workshop, staff meeting or training class.

Your staff will learn from vignettes illustrating the wrong way and modeling the right way to handle delicate service situations.  Behavior change is immediate.  Unlike “talking head” or “awareness” training lessons, these courses empower your team with specific verbiage and behaviors. Topics in these video training courses include defusing irate customers, deploying empathy, avoiding killer words, improving listening skills, being business friendly, enhancing questioning techniques, using positive phrases, following cardinal rules, proactive customer service, basic phone skills, up selling/cross selling, avoiding rudeness and hundreds more skills & techniques designed to improve Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT).

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12 Module Customer Service Training Library

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Each video training module features broadcast-quality production values and offers easy-access segment chapters. Users have the option of viewing each DVD course in its entirety or viewing specific segments in order to focus on specific skills. All courses include a comprehensive leader’s guide to ensure the facilitation goes smoothly and for ongoing reinforcement. Also included are internal duplication rights for each accompanying participant workbook and PowerPoint. Relax, we’ve done all the work!  Click here for ancillary material details.

Preview each course below. then click here for secure online ordering.