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Telephone Doctor customer service training
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

Download Our Customer Service eBook

This free eBook is loaded with proven service tips, relationship skills and sales techniques to help your team deliver world-class service. Dealing with customers requires a specific mentality and skill set.  Equipping your staff with the proper tools to best navigate service situations will raise customer satisfaction levels, lower employee stress and improve bottom line results.

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Topics you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively defuse irate customers
  • How to avoid “Emotional Leakage”
  • The difference between features & benefits
  • The persuasive power of “Let’s”
  • How to avoid using weak, wimpy words
  • Converting one-time buyers into repeat customers
  • The importance of “empowerment”with your customer contact staff
  • The 3 part greeting when answering a business call
  • Harmful words your staff should avoid & why they’ll damage relationships
  • Plus so much more!

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If the skills and ideas in this free eBook appeal to you, take the next step in employee development: ServiceSkills.com and Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training will empower your staff with these communication training competencies:

  • 4 steps to handle & diffuse angry, upset and irate customers
  • Recognize & capture cross-selling opportunities
  • Business communication for phone, email, face-to-face & chat
  • How the power of attitude helps resolve challenging situations
  • Essential office etiquette & workplace manners strategies
  • Effectively managing differences between the generations
  • Replacing Five Forbidden Phrases® w/ Positive Alternatives
  • Handling ethical dilemmas the moment they appear
  • The six cardinal rules of customer retention and loyalty
  • The importance of delivering Business Friendly℠ service
  • How to respect & communicate effectively with co-workers
  • Contrasts between passive, average & proactive service
  • 6 ways to improve listening skills and deliver better service
  • The personal philosophies of six service superstars
  • How service after the sale builds customers for life
  • When to use open-ended, closed-ended, probing & echo questions
  • Deploying the Power of You during interviews & appraisals
  • Why bringing an ‘observable level of enthusiasm’ is so important
  • The distinction between features and benefits
  • To be truly sensitive and empathetic to customer needs
  • Management skills to better lead, coach and mentor others
  • How to conduct more effective & engaging meetings
  • The relationship between internal & external customer service
  • plus hundreds more skills, strategies & techniques