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Telephone Doctor customer service training
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

Build a Solid Foundation of Service

To motivate and teach effective techniques to help build a solid foundation of service that impacts the customer’s perception of your organization. This in turn, leads to new business opportunities with customers and greater job satisfaction for the staff.

Details of This Workshop

  • Duration: 4 Hours (Includes Two, 10-minute Breaks)
  • Audience: Support, Sales & Customer Service Staff, Management, Trainers

Highlights & Skills Learned

  • Six common errors when dealing with customers
  • Effective strategies for avoiding each of those errors on the job
  • The Telephone Doctor’s “Three Part Greeting” and reason for it’s effectiveness
  • “Welcoming Phrases” to set the stage for positive interaction with customers
  • How to gently gather information
  • Key principles for dealing with irate customers
  • Understanding and applying the ASAP technique
  • Effective use of the Telephone Doctor’s Swear Stopper
  • Techniques to avoid making excuses to customers
  • How to better manage stress and emotions in the office
  • How to avoid “Five Forbidden Phrases” that offend customers
  • Effective alternatives for each of those phrases

More Info:

For a personalized quote and full details, please contact Cheryl Thiede at 314.291.1012 or moc.rotcodenohpeletnull@lyrehc.