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Telephone Doctor
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Nancy Friedman

Customer Service Expert and Keynote Speaker

Nancy helps companies leverage their customer service and provides brilliant telephone techniques (because that’s where most customer service starts and ends).  Nancy Friedman is one of America’s most sought after experts on customer service, client retention, loyalty and the customer experience.  You’ll identify with her infectious enthusiasm and humorous delivery that regularly garners top ratings by conference attendees.

Visit NancyFriedman.com to see:

  • A video demo
  • A list of sales, service & leadership programs for your conference, association, franchise or corporate meeting
  • Testimonials you’ll think were written by Nancy’s mother

Call 314.291.1012 today for a packet. Or hey – use her cell to go direct: 314.276.1012.

You’ll love how you’re treated!

Keynote Speaker on Customer Service

Invite customer service keynote speaker Nancy Friedman to your next association conference, corporate meeting or business event! Contact her or phone 314.291.1012 today.