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ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

What To Say When℠ Workplace Communication

Team Building, Conflict Resolution & Mentoring Training Series

Problems with workplace communication will lead to low productivity, high stress and stalemate between co-workers. Apathy and status quo isn’t an effective strategy.

Solution: Human Resource expert Hugh Murray shares the tactics and logic needed to navigate a wide variety of workplace relationship dilemmas. This four DVD series include 30 just-in-time learning modules. Each module offers actionable strategies which learners will immediately implement to better manage workplace relationship challenges.

What To Say When Training Series

This video series is perfect for regular staff meetings, team-building sessions, conflict resolution training, management training and any performance improvement initiative centered around office etiquette.  

This powerful communications series is divided into 30 stand-alone modules. Each video module runs 4-6 minutes. This series is loaded with techniques and strategies to navigate complicated interpersonal communication issues in today’s workplace.

4-DVD package is $1,990 – includes leader’s guide & PowerPoint®.

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Series includes four DVDs, leader’s guide and PowerPoint. Topics Include:

Disc 1:

What to Say When:

  • You’re Asked to Compromise Your Ethics
  • A Co-Worker is Negative
  • You Have a Personality Clash
  • Someone Resists Change
  • Someone Disagrees With You
  • Your Boss Doesn’t Notice Contributions
  • It’s Someone Else’s Fault

Disc 2:

What to Say When:

  • You Want To Offer Praise
  • You See An Opportunity To Do Things Better
  • Someone Criticizes You
  • A Team Member is Uncooperative
  • You Need Help With Work
  • You Need to Break A Commitment
  • Someone Breaks A Commitment

Disc 3:

What to Say When:

  • You Need To Persuade a Colleague
  • You’re Asked to Host a Meeting
  • A Co-Worker is Too Social
  • There’s A New Team Member
  • The Boss Keeps Changing Priorities
  • Co-Worker Has An Embarrassing Problem
  • You’re New On The Job

Disc 4:

What to Say When:

  • Haunted by the ghost of your predecessor
  • There’s conflict between team members
  • People are wasting time online
  • Criticizing a team member’s work
  • Setting objectives
  • Conducting interviews and appraisals
  • A team member is late
  • Someone’s not doing what you need
  • Generations clash


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