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Telephone Doctor customer service training
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

THE WORKS! Turnkey Communication Skills Library

Our Nine Soft Skills Training Series

THE WORKS! is your instant customer service, team building, leadership and communication video training collection.

Equip your staff with the skills & strategies necessary to increase customer loyalty, reduce client attrition, improve teamwork and manage more effectively. This powerful collection includes our seven best-selling DVD-based series, leader’s guides, workbooks & PowerPoints®.  A turnkey employee development video training library for $6,490.

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Maximize your savings by ordering these nine best-selling DVD training series for one low investment:

  • Telephone Doctor® Complete DVD Training Library (12 individual DVD Courses) – Our flagship training collection. America’s favorite communication training series hosted by customer service expert Nancy Friedman. Validated by millions of learners, these courses cover the full spectrum of customer care.
  • What to Say When℠ Series (30 modules on 4 DVDs) – Team Building, conflict management and communication courses featuring Human Resource expert Hugh Murray. Just-in-time training modules provide skills which your staff can implement immediately to best navigate challenging workplace issues.
  • 8 Keys to a More Respectful Workplace℠ Series (10 modules on 1 DVD) – People won’t do their best work if they feel ignored, disrespected or threatened. At the heart of every great workplace is a culture of respect, trust and appreciation. Topics include Neutralizing Bullying, Demonstrating Appreciation, Listening for Understanding, Acting Ethically, Championing Diversity and more.
  • Email Matters℠ Series (19 modules on 1 DVD) – While most team members know how to send and receive email messages, this series features hundreds of tips and techniques which aren’t common sense.  These basic skills, when implemented, will ensure your customers and coworkers are receiving the level of service they deserve.
  • How To Be A Terrible Team Member℠ – (11 modules on 1 DVD) – Meet HR Manager Jasmine Harris. Her organization has been hampered by high turnover, low morale and dysfunctional teams. She’s identified nine team member “behaviors” which are impeding her organization.  Watch as Jasmine and a talented Improv Group presents the findings to Senior Managers.
  • Service Sims℠ Series (12 modules on 1 DVD) – Engaging simulations feature wrong-way service situations followed by two distinct path choices. Learners are challenged to think through each situation before it happens to them in the real world.
  • Service Matters℠ Series (12 modules on 2 DVDs) – Learn from six service superstars who share their stories, strategies and opinions about providing world class customer service. This “peer perspective” provides your staff with a unique learning experience.
  • Newmarket Learning℠ Management Development Series (6 individual DVD Courses) – Managers and supervisors will benefit from proven strategies to best handle challenging personnel issues. Topics include Coaching Questions, Delivering Feedback, Personal Development, Using Competencies, Behavior-based Interviewing and Improving Performance.
  • Houndville℠ Human Resource Series (10 modules on 1 DVD) –  Presents common workplace dilemmas in a colorful and lighthearted way.

Save nearly 70% versus purchasing individually – just $6,490 for this turn-key, employee development communications training library.

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