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Telephone Doctor customer service training
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

Customer Service Simulation Training

Customer Service Skills for CSRs, Service Staff & Call Center Agents

The ServiceSimssm Series serves up 12 challenging experiential learning simulation situations. Viewers are then presented two distinct strategies for handling that challenging call. Your group will discuss and consider the merits of both choices. Each choices leads to a unique video outcome. Class participants are encouraged to articulate which path they advocate taking and more importantly, why?

After viewing the outcome, encourage your team to again discuss what went right or wrong. What personal experiences can they draw from which were similar to the challenging scene they watched? It’s valuable to view both outcome vignettes since there are learning opportunities in reviewing and discussing both the right and wrong choices.  

This dynamic DVD-based package contains 12 wrong-way modules each with two text possible choices. Each choice leads to a distinct outcome based on that scene.

Segment Topics:

  • Raging Bull – handling rude, angry & abusive callers
  • The Hangover – callers under the influence
  • Les Miserables – customers who don’t like your policies
  • Look Who’s Talking – customer who demand to tell you their life story
  • Reality Bites – delusional callers who refuse to be satisfied
  • Show Me The Money – customers who make unreasonable demands
  • Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – callers with distractions and lots of background noise
  • Just the Facts, Ma’am – highly emotional callers who need extra empathy
  • Back to the Future – senior citizen callers who present unique challenges
  • The Terminator – customers who make threats against your company or reputation
  • Rules of Attraction – sexual harassment by a customer
  • Top Gun – customers who demand instant escalation to a supervisor