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Telephone Doctor customer service training
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

Service Matters℠ DVD Series

Skills for Customer Service Reps

We surveyed hundreds of call centers, help desks & customer service training managers and asked them to nominate their top performing service provider. After months of interviews and evaluations, we assembled six of the highest rated individuals in an casual and relaxed setting. Letting the cameras roll, we prompted these “customer success rock stars” to openly discuss their opinions on topics such as customer loyalty, client retention, the customer experience and what drives them to be excellent service providers.

The payoff is a peer-to-peer training message with a distinct, real world feel.  This series features ideas and strategies which your customer contact team will implement immediately. The Service Matters℠ Series presents actual customer care providers sharing their insights and their opinions.  This series is also available for online learning – either web-based at ServiceSkills.com or as LMS modules for your organization’s Learning Management System.

This 71 minute series includes 12 segments, each loaded with tactics and philosophies related to improving customer satisfaction. Graphics reinforce the key points.

2-DVD package is $990 – includes leader’s guide and accompanying PowerPoint.

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Segment Topics Include:

  • Introduction To Our Group
  • What Motivates You To Excel?
  • What’s In It For You?
  • What Advice Would You Offer A New Person?
  • What Does Taking Ownership Mean To You?
  • How Do You Build Rapport?
  • How Do You Handle Bad Days?
  • How Do You Handle Varying Customer Styles?
  • Is The Customer Always Right?
  • How Do You Demonstrate You Care?
  • If You Were Hiring Your Replacement, Which Traits Would You Look For?
  • Excellent Customer Service: Natural or Learned?