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ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

How To Be A Terrible Team Member℠ DVD Series

Learn Nine Traits Which Are Guaranteed to Frustrate and Annoy Coworkers!

Meet Human Resource Manager Jasmine Harris. Her organization has been hampered by high turnover, low morale and dysfunctional teams. After conducting a comprehensive 360 degree analysis, she’s identified nine team member “behaviors” which are impeding her organization. Join in as Jasmine presents her findings to Senior Managers.  To liven up her presentation Jasmine recruited an Improv group to demonstrate each behavior – along with the effects on other team members.  Unscripted and entertaining…..get set to IMPROVE with IMPROV!

This DVD content is also available for online learning – either web-based at ServiceSkills.com or as LMS modules  (coming soon) for your organization’s Learning Management System.

How To Be  A Terrible Team Member

This course consists of 11 modules with a duration of 3-4 minutes each.

Single DVD package is $990 – includes leader’s guide and accompanying PowerPoint.
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Segment Topics Include:

  • Introduction (Meet Jasmine Harris – Human Resource Manager)
  • The Downer (aka Buzzkill)
  • The Gossip (aka The Megaphone)
  • The Change Allergic (aka The Change-A-Phobe)
  • The Lone Wolf (aka The Office Martyr)
  • The Socially Inept (aka The Creeper)
  • The Prima Donna (aka The Disengaged)
  • The Knowledge Hog (aka The Bottleneck)
  • The Excuse Maker (aka It’s-Not-My-Fault)
  • The Tornado (aka The Pigeon)
  • The Close (recap of our nine terrible team members)
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