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ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

Email Matters℠ Series

Office Email Etiquette Training for All Team Members

Email communication is a fundamental component of everyday business life. Email is so ubiquitous that it can be easy to forget that it’s only been with us since the mid 90s.  While most team members know how to send and receive email messages, this series features hundreds of tips and techniques which aren’t common sense.  These basic skills, when implemented, will ensure your customers and coworkers are receiving the level of service they deserve.


This series consists of 19 white board animation modules, each running 3-5 minutes.

Single DVD package is $990 – includes leader’s guide and accompanying PowerPoint.

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Segment Topics Include:

  • Introduction
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  • Subject Line
  • Address Fields
  • Opening and Closing Lines
  • Composing a Message
  • Proofreading
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Inappropriate Topics
  • Message Length
  • Writing with Conviction
  • Jargon And Shortcuts
  • Respond Promptly
  • Confidentiality
  • Handling Irate Customers
  • Replying to All
  • Humor in Email
  • Tools for Emphasis
  • Authoring Emails When Angry