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ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

8 Keys to a More Respectful Workplace℠ Series

Diversity & Inclusion At Work

It’s common sense, people won’t do their best work if they feel ignored, disrespected or threatened. At the heart of every great workplace is a culture of respect, trust and appreciation. “8 Keys To A More Respectful Workplace” will raise awareness to the building blocks which are critical to creating a culture of trust and respect. Topics include Neutralizing Bullying, Demonstrating Appreciation, Listening for Understanding, Acting Ethically, Championing Diversity and more.

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Single DVD package is $990 – includes leader’s guide and accompanying PowerPoint.

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Segment Topics Include:

  • Introduction
  • Act Ethically
  • Disagree Constructively
  • Stop Workplace Harassment
  • Champion Diversity
  • Neutralize Bullying
  • In Doubt? Find Out!
  • Listen for Understanding
  • Demonstrate Appreciation
  • Recap