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How To Handle The Irate Customer

by Nancy Friedman

When you or a team member face a challenging customer complaint, often times, that complaint is more about validating the customer’s emotions than the actual problem. Angry customers need you to acknowledge that they’ve been wronged, and they want your attention right away.

Use our ASAP technique to effectively diffuse and handle upset, angry, irate customers:

Apologize and acknowledge

Sympathize and empathize

Accept responsibility

Prepare to help.

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Behavior-based Interviewing

A Question of Evidence: The Behavior-Based Interview

It’s a fact. Some candidates shine at the interview but don’t work out on the job. Interviewers can easily be impressed by a candidate’s apparent abilities, but if they fail to probe into what that individual has actually achieved, they can fall into an expensive trap.

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Setting Personal Development Goals

A.I.M. for Development: Setting Personal Development Objectives that Work

Are your annual reviews and development meetings as effective as they should be? Too often, personal development plans can be regarded as nothing more than a chore by many managers…..an exercise in putting meaningless objectives down on some form.  This powerful DVD-based course will change all that.

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Fixing Performance Problems

Delivering Feedback: Fixing Performance Problems

Whether it’s at an appraisal or part of everyday interaction, delivering feedback is one of the most important, yet difficult skills an effective manager needs to develop. Your managers will learn to use the C.E.D.A.R. model to prepare for and engage in constructive feedback sessions.

Individual course package is $990 – order the Complete Newmarket Learning Management Package for $2,990

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Coaching Questions

Coaching: The Power of Questions

Coaching is a large and complex subject. But at its heart lies effective questioning skills. This program provides your managers with practical illustrations of how to use questions to help people think through a problem or a task for themselves. If it is a manager’s intention to coach the other person, the type of questions they use will be different from those questions designed simply to elicit information.

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Setting Performance Objectives

Gaining Commitment: Setting Performance Objectives That Work

Performance objectives can be as specific, agreed upon and as time-bounded as you like, but unless they are actually achieved, they’re useless. This course provides new insights into getting team members emotionally and intellectually engaged in achieving their objectives. The manager plays a key role in engaging their people so that they want to achieve their agreed objectives.

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Using Competencies Successfully

Using Competencies Successfully: Communicating the Way We Want People to Work

How well do the people in your organization know and apply your competency framework? This program was developed following consultations with our customers who told us that their competency frameworks were not always understood or used successfully. Competencies make explicit the way your organization wants its people to work.

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