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ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

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Email Apocalypse or the “Reply-to-all” click

Everyone has had the experience where they meant to send a private response to someone in a group email, but accidentally hit “reply-to-all.” If we were lucky, it was a limited mistake and only a minor annoyance. If we were less fortunate, it might have been the type of mistake that was extremely embarrassing.

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Customer Loyalty Training Package

This instant customer service, team building, conflict resolution, leadership and communication training library will make your organization a world-class service provider!

Get The Works! and equip your organization with the skills & strategies to increase customer loyalty, reduce client attrition, improve teamwork and manage more effectively. A turnkey employee development training library.  

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8 Tips For Effective Email Communication

By Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor

A recent report estimated that over 300 billion emails are sent each day! Spam messages are jamming in-boxes across the globe and the average business person now gets over 100 emails a day.

While no one denies the obvious productivity gains we’ve realized from the efficiencies of email communication, many people find themselves drowning in all these messages.

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Customer Service Using Email & Chat

by Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor

Yes, our Telephone Doctor customer service and communication training covers this as well.

This subject gets covered a lot; however, we want to reiterate some key points on both EMAIL and LIVE CHAT. Points that will make life easier for those who use these methods of communication.

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Email Policies – What Your Organization Needs to Address

Address and Establish Email Policies for your Organization

E-mail has quickly become an essential part of business communications. Along with benefits come some serious pitfalls. Your team is sure to enjoy a lively discussion of topics such as jokes and personal e-mails, confidentiality, avoiding harshly worded e-mails, accidentally replying to all and much more.

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