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What To Say When DVD Series

Team Building, Conflict Resolution & Mentoring

What To Say When Workplace Communication Training DVD Series

Problems with workplace communication will lead to low productivity, high stress and stalemate between co-workers. Apathy or the status quo isn’t an effective strategy.

Introducing the What To Say When Workplace Communication Training DVD Series.

Human Resource expert Hugh Murray shares the tactics and logic needed to navigate a wide variety of workplace relationship dilemmas.

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Ethics in the Workplace

Canine Conduct

Was it all just a dream? Joe comes to realize that some of the ethical shortcuts he’s been taking around the office could come back to haunt him. It’s time to raise his level of integrity.

Suggested Topic Applications:

  • Staff Meetings
  • Team Building
  • Internal Service
  • Managing Change
  • Ethics & Integrity

Running Time: 3 minutes

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