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ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

Latest "Difficult Customer Training" Posts

ASAP Technique For Diffusing Angry Customers

by Nancy Friedman
Nancy Friedman the Telephone DoctorIf you spend time in a customer facing position there’s a high probability you’ll encounter customers who are upset, rude, angry and irate. For some of us it’s thankfully a rare event and for others it’s a daily occurrence.

Having a solid strategy in place to handle these situations will be the difference between feeling frustrated and stressed out OR calmly guiding the situation back to a productive relationship.

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Shopping Habits of the Millennial Generation

by Jared Grafman

The vast majority of music and news businesses failed to adapt with the Millennial generation. As a result, the two industries are still, today, rebuilding essentially from scratch. Why did those businesses fail? What makes Millennials so different from Generation X or Baby Boomers?

Millenial Generation telephone doctor service expectations Not much beyond technology.

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