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Telephone Doctor customer service training
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning
ServiceSkills.com customer service elearning

About Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Training

Customer Success Training Strategies

ServiceSkills.com℠ Communication Learning Platform and Telephone Doctor® Customer Service Training offer proven business communication strategies which help organizations increase service levels and improve phone skills for improved bottom-line results.

Beautiful TelDoc Tower, located in a suburb northwest of St. Louis, MO.



Some years back, Nancy Friedman phoned her insurance agent and told him, “Cancel all my policies!” She was upset after experiencing repeated episodes of poor service from the agency’s staff. Normally, the story would have ended there. Instead, this insurance agent invited Nancy to teach his staff how to improve their telephone skills. Combining the service techniques pioneered at an earlier start-up business with the presentation skills acquired from a background in professional theatre, Nancy’s phone skills and customer service training program proved to be extremely popular. The word soon spread. After a series of Fortune 500 corporations repeatedly hired her to conduct training sessions, a company was formed to market these skills and techniques. Using a trademarked presentation style known as EnterTraining®, Nancy began delivering workshops to corporations and associations across North America. Soon after a local TV producer helped create a short training video featuring these techniques. This video was the genesis of The Complete DVD Training Library and eventually led to the production of over 250 video-based, instructor-led and eLearning training courses.

A Trusted Brand in Corporate Training & Learning Departments

Today, ServiceSkills.com and Telephone Doctor® are highly respected brands in the corporate training & development space.  We’ve helped over 30,000 organizations, large and small, improve the Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSat) of their Customer Service Reps, Help Desk Staff, Call Center Agents, Tech Support Staff and other team members.

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